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three kids celebrate a birthday with party hats and cake


For Kids groups we generally recommend our Ultimate Heist room. This room features a wide variety of puzzles and activities to complete. This design allows every kid in the room to feel involved and included, regardless of what they’re working on. Furthermore, the escape path for Heist can be modified by our staff to allow for a slightly easier escape if requested ahead of time. The theme of Heist is also an exciting child friendly escape room, with the group being tasked with breaking into the home of a notorious thief in order to steal back as many of his ill-gotten goods as they can within their allotted time.


Looking for a fun party idea that will get everyone’s minds working? Why not try an escape room birthday party? Clue Chase is the perfect place to host the party for that Doctor Who, Rick and Morty or science fiction fan in your life. With eight unique and exciting rooms to choose from and staff that is experienced at running child friendly escape rooms, Clue Chase is sure to be a fun and involving activity for your party day! 

We even offer a dedicated party room, which can be booked out for a small additional fee- this room has plenty of space for all your food, drinks and presents. We’ll help with the setup and cleanup, making sure you can be focused on having the best possible time with your friends and family. Book your escape room birthday party now!



Kid's Parties

Due to the corporate nature of the Grace building we must abide by certain restrictions regarding larger children’s groups. We cannot host groups with more than five children under the age of twelve on Weekdays. All players under the age of eighteen must have at least one adult accompanying them to Clue Chase. Unaccompanied minors will not be admitted. Minors fifteen years of age or above may play the games unaccompanied, but will still need an adult to bring them into the building.

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